How Keyless Entry Locks Can Help the Elderly and the Disabled

How Keyless Entry Locks Can Help the Elderly and the Disabled

Keyless entry deadbolts, also sometimes referred to as convenience locks, have gained popularity in both businesses and homes. They can be opened with a code, access card, or key fob, rather than a traditional key. This eliminates the hassle of having to carry a key and eliminates the possibility of getting locked out. Keyless entry deadbolts offer convenience for many businesses and homeowners. They can also be especially helpful to senior citizens and people with disabilities.

Keyless Entry Locks Are Easy to Open

A keyless entry deadbolt can be much easier to open than a traditional lock for someone with physical limitations caused by an illness, injury, or arthritis. A person who has limited ability to use their hands or arms may struggle to fit a traditional key into a lock, turn it, and open a door. With a keyless entry deadbolt, they could use a card, enter a code, or use a key fob to open a door.

Caregivers and Family Can Let Themselves in

Elderly and disabled individuals often have professional caregivers, family members, and friends who come to their homes to provide assistance and to visit. Rather than needing to go to the door to let those people in, which could be a challenge to someone with limited mobility, the people who are coming to help can simply be given an access card or code so they can let themselves in.

Access Can Be Limited to Specific People and Times

An elderly or disabled person may not want others to be able to enter his or her home at any time, but rather only at specific times when help is needed. With keyless entry locks, the system can be programmed to only allow access to specific people at specific times. That can make an elderly or disabled person feel secure knowing that visitors will only be able to come at times when they are expected.

Learn More about Keyless Entry Locks

Keyless entry deadbolts offer a level of convenience that is not possible with many other types of locks. A keyless entry deadbolt can make it easy for someone with limited dexterity to open a lock and to grant access to others who provide support when they are needed while restricting access at other times.

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