Apps Make Key Copying a Snap and Unsafe

It might be a snap to obtain additional copies of your key through apps like KeyMe and KeySafe. But, it’s also a snap for those with ill-intent. A YouTube video shows how easily keys can be obtained. Now, just imagine that you’re an unsavory type. You can now gain access to others’ homes or businesses with ease. All it takes is carelessly leaving your keys on your desk, at the bar, at the coffee shop – unattended – and, you’ve just compromised your security and safety.
Both KeyMe and KeySave want you to believe that they have a solution to avoid being locked out and that there are safeguards in place to protect you from a would-be-thief. Think again! KeyMe and KeySave purport to be a secure means of obtaining keys. They “promise to forever solve the problem of lockouts and lost keys using clever combinations of smartphone scans, automated key-cutting machines and 3D-printing.”
In New York, one man broke into his neighbor’s home by obtaining keys through KeyMe. Just to make a point. The solution is a simple one. Make sure you have a high-security key – a key that cannot be duplicated by these means. Mul-T-Lock keys cannot be duplicated at a hardware store or via an app. They can only be duplicated with an ID card, bearing necessary information for duplicating the key and only through an Authorized Dealer.

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